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Nostalgic yet creative Chinese restaurant Auntie Āyi opens in Pacific Place

Watch our first video of Aunt Āyi:

Created by the same team behind the pop-up restaurant from last year 888, Auntie Ä€yi is a new Chinese restaurant that has opened in the Pacific Place Mall. It’s part of a multi-dining concept called Wellwellwell, yes, it’s three wells to represent three different brands under the brand, and Aunt Ä€yi is the first to launch. The restaurant offers regional Chinese cuisine in a retro-futuristic dining room designed to resemble a time-traveling spaceship. Yes, we realize there are a number of things to understand here, so let’s start with the name of the restaurant.

Aunt yi
Photography: Courtesy of Aunt Ä€yiAunt Ä€yi’s Sesame Candy Chicken

If you are wondering why it is called Aunt Ä€yi, well, it is about the humble home cooking where long-standing traditions and craftsmanship are passed down from generation to generation. It is also a tribute to “Ma Jeh” or 馬 姐 in reference to housekeepers in the 1930s who had long braided hair, never married and took a vow of celibacy – you will see it in the logo of the restaurant. While this history and nostalgia is beautifully remembered, Aunt Ä€yi also aims to look to the future, blending the old and the new into the restaurant’s interior and menu.

Aunt yi
Photography: Courtesy of Aunt ĀyiTwo Way Stuffed Crab Claws

The restaurant is adorned with plush mulberry-green and pine-green furnishings with contemporary curved edges, while tangerine chairs, tassel lamps, and so-called capsule objects on the wall (supposedly Ma Jeh’s personal effects, including including a wooden comb or kitchen utensil) which add interesting markings throughout the dining area.

As for the food, the menu is a celebration of Chinese cuisine and filled with dishes that seem familiar. There’s the fun cheong, terracotta rice, and mapo tofu, but they all have a unique twist. Take the fun cheong (rice rolls), for example, which is created in the most traditional way with a steam cloth but contains more contemporary combinations such as char siu, silky scrambled eggs, and cilantro.

Aunt yi
Photography: Courtesy of Aunt ĀyiLobster noodles with sichuan mapo tofu

Then there are the Two-Way Stuffed Crab Claws which feature a modern-style breaded and deep-fried crab claw and one that’s wrapped in pork cabbage fat, a traditional Cantonese cooking technique that adds a crisp texture, rich fragrance and flavor, as well as Aunt Ä€yi’s sesame chicken which was inspired by the classic childhood snack of sticky and chewy sesame candy (芝麻 牛皮糖) and is arranged in an old-fashioned banquet-style phoenix. Other highlights include the Drunken 8 Immortals Platter with cold appetizers marinated in Chinese Baijiu and Huangjiu wines, Angus beef terracotta rice with runny egg yolk, and more.

Aunt yi
Photography: Courtesy of Aunt ĀyiSilky egg cream with fresh lobster

The restaurant is currently in its smooth opening phase but is now accepting pre-launch reservations. Meanwhile, the other two concepts, the seasonal Remedy Me salad bar and the cha chaan teng-inspired tea room, which will also become a bar for evening cocktails and drinks, are slated to open in the coming weeks. So watch this space for more updates and news.

Aunt Āyi is located at Boutique 002, LG1, Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty.

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