Picturesque village

Oddada is a minimalist music game where you make songs with buildings

There’s nothing like sculpting your own quaint village in minimalist building games like Townscaper (opens in a new tab), especially when they have those satisfying little sounds when you build another house or build a path. But Oddada, from developers Sven Ahlgrimm & Mathilde Hoffmann, seems to combine the two.

The game is officially known as “roguelite music maker” where you take your little train on a journey through six random Polytopia-style realms, collecting structures that play specific sounds, before putting it together to create your own music. As you build your library of playthroughs and songs, you’ll be able to turn them into tapes that you can listen to while continuing to play the game.

“ODDADA has no obstacles, puzzles, or real challenges,” the Steam page explains. “It’s not a perfect instrument either. It’s a game that makes creating music fun, easy, and wonderful.”

As someone who loves a good rhythm game, especially one that lets me experiment and asks next to nothing of me, I’m excited to play around with building my own minimal little musical towns.

Although there is no release date, you can find Oddada on Steam (opens in a new tab)and even listen to some of the tracks created in the game on the official website (opens in a new tab) if your curiosity is piqued.