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Of interest: the village of Sainte-Catherine | The sun on the north side

As they age, many people find that living in their current home or with family is the best option for maintaining their independence. But this has become a challenge in today’s world where getting out and about comes with restrictions, rules and risks. Life Plan Communities, on the other hand, can offer seniors a richer way of life by combining socialization, stimulation and support in an all-inclusive setting.

One such Life Care community is the Village of St. Catherine in Madison. Situated on 160 scenic and wooded acres, the Village of Sainte-Catherine provides the right care at the right time through independent living, assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing, all in a friendly environment. protected.

As one of Mississippi’s premier seniors communities, St. Catherine’s Village has many measures in place to minimize health risks while providing high-quality care and much-needed social interaction for its residents. Indeed, studies have shown that staying socially active promotes an older person’s overall well-being by reducing stress and anxiety and lowering the risk of depression, which often stems from isolation.

From the start, St. Catherine’s Village’s response to the pandemic has been swift and well orchestrated to minimize the impact within the community. Today, staff continue to demonstrate their ability to grow and adapt to the changing environment to achieve positive results. They have gone to exceptional lengths to keep residents engaged and connected to family and friends with countless nurturing activities and events like music and art, exercise and devotion delivered in a safe, fun and relaxing way. Support groups are also available as well as chapel services to nurture the spiritual life of residents.

For physical health, the Life Plan community offers exercise classes as well as wellness programs. An added benefit to St. Catherine’s Village is that residents can enjoy the outdoors. Multiple ponds can be enjoyed with fishing and passive recreation while lake views from interior spaces are maximized as much as possible. Walking trails are also available and accessible to all.

Becoming a resident of Life Plan Community empowers seniors to direct their own future and better plan for life’s uncertainties. As such, they can transition from independent living to assisted living, nursing or memory care as needed, in the comfortable and familiar setting of Sainte-Catherine Village.

Knowing that they will have a smooth transition as their level of care changes with age brings comfort to residents and their families.

If you or someone close to you is 62 or older, the village of Sainte-Catherine may be the perfect opportunity for the seniors of today and tomorrow.

To learn more about senior living options at St. Catherine’s Village Life Plan Community, log onto or call (601) 856-0123 to schedule an individual visit.