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Phat Eatery’s large, new Woodlands Restaurant will serve Chinese BBQ and dim sum

Fans of Malaysian restaurant Phat Eatery in Katy Asian Town can expect double the food and fun in 2023.

Phat chef-owner Alex Au-Yeung, a 2022 James Beard Award semi-finalist in the Best Chef: Texas category, plans to open a larger location in the woods early next year with a dim menu. expanded sum and a Chinese-style barbecue, according to a statement.

Located at 2290 Buckthorne Place in the Grogan Mills Village Outpost, the new location is expected to serve the same favorites as Katy’s Outpost, but with the ability to seat twice as many customers and an open kitchen. opened.

The 7,800 square foot restaurant will seat 180 people in its dining room and will feature three private dining spaces – two of which can be combined – and each can seat between 12 and 80 people.

Designed by architectural firm Tramonte Design Studio, the Woodlands location is set to include nostalgic touches reminiscent of Katy Asian Town’s flagship, including similar wooden elements, a wraparound bar and some of the iconic Night Market signs seen in the place of origin.

Street food-inspired dishes like Phat’s flaky roti canai, satay skewers, Kerabu prawns and Malaysian chicken curry and beef randang will also be retained, but the restaurant will experiment with new dishes.

Au-Yeung plans to expand Phat’s dim sum offerings, adding steamed rice rolls and xiao long bao to the menu, as well as classic har gow, siu mai, pork buns and sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaves. The chef will also hone his training in the Cantonese kitchens of Hong Kong, making his Chinese-style barbecue debut at Woodlands Restaurant, offering delectable dishes like barbecue pork and Peking duck.

The lunch service will also see additional functionality for lunchtime meals and take-out orders. Taking inspiration from Japanese bento boxes during Japan’s decades of occupation of Taiwan, Au-Yeung will serve bian dang – a bento-style lunch box featuring a main course, such as barbecue or stir-fries, with rice and accompaniments.

In addition to beer, wine, and sake, cocktails include Southeast Asian-inspired drinks to complement the menu.