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Popular girl names like Josie, Rosie and Daisy have a foul meaning in Cantonese

A linguist left viewers in a bind by revealing the rather crass meaning of some popular English girl names in Cantonese.

In a TikTok video, user Dr Candise Lin @ candiselin86 tells viewers that the female ending “sie” literally translates to “poo” in her native language.

She then explains that Jessie is “bird shit,” which instantly conjures up nasty mental images.

Meanwhile, the girls name Maisie is a bit more flattering as it means “beautiful shit”.

Rosie is an “old shit” so that might be a name to grow up in, Josie is “a morning shit” which frankly could be worse, and Issy is the unhygienic sounding “fucking ear”. .

Sissy, as you can probably guess, translates to “double s ***”.

Since it went live on Wednesday, September 1, the hilarious video has been viewed over a million times and viewers have been in turmoil.

One user joked, “Should have named my daughter Josie, she was born in the morning.”

Someone else, called Jessy, said: “So now I know where not to travel because I don’t want people to laugh at my name.”

A third said: “My name is Josephine but thank goodness my name is not Josie.”

“It’s what I now call earwax,” joked another viewer.

The “sie” ending with the name of English women is a bit rude in Cantonese

Someone else said, “Nothing better than a Josie after a morning coffee.”

Dr Candise offers Mandarin and Cantonese lessons through her website and also has an Instagram account where she shares Cantonese slang.

It comes after a mother said she feared she had done her son an injustice after giving him a “cute” animal name that people now tease him about.

She said: “We met someone once and when they asked for the names of our children they got angry when we said this one and said we were cruel and abusive to give a child a “weird” name. “

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