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Restaurant industry ignores pandemic blues, offers new outlets in town | Calcutta News

Calcutta: Among the worst casualties in the past year and a half due to the pandemic, the restaurant industry is not only now showing signs of recovery, but is confident enough to make ambitious expansion plans. Several iconic and popular urban chains have launched new outlets recently or are planning to do so in the coming months. Does the list include names like Peter Hu? from the home of Peter Cat and Mocambo, MS Bar and Lounge in Songhai and Manthan, 6 Ballygunge Place, Chowman, Oudh 1590 and Aminia.
Peter Hu? Director Siddharth Kothari said it was after nearly five decades that the group had created a new brand. Owned by his father Nitin Kothari, the group owns the two iconic restaurants Peter Cat and Mocambo.
“Pierre Hu? is our third brand. We did an expansion for Mocambo in 2015, but it’s a whole new business, ”said Siddharth. Imagined by the young Kothari, who spent several years in Japan, the new 145-seat restaurant offers a whole range of oriental cuisine. “We were so far in the mainland and Indian, so this was our first pan-Asian trip which includes Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian and Malay. We started just two weeks ago and the response is really good, ”he added.
Popular Restaurants Songhai and Manthan have a brother after a decade, but in the form of a lounge bar. Sudesh Poddar, group owner and president of the East India Hotel and Restaurant Association, has launched the MS Bar & Lounge on Waterloo Street, which offers both Indian and Chinese cuisine.
“The lounge bar was new to us. Having been in the restaurant business for a few decades, we have risen to the challenge and the response is overwhelming. It started about a month ago and we are already getting loyal customers, ”Poddar said.
The owners of 6 Ballygunge Place have taken over the Maharaja restaurant in Chowringhee and renamed it. “There was no such thing as a good authentic Bengali restaurant in the Chowringhee area, so we decided to take over an existing restaurant and turn it into a 6BP,” managing partner S Raman said.
Chowman, Oudh and Chapter 2 chief executive Dedaditya Chowdhury said he had expanded all brands even during the pandemic. “We took over a restaurant called Sanjha Chulha in Salt Lake and opened a Chowman there. In Gouribari, we opened another Chowman a few months ago by taking over a place that was previously a CCD point of sale. We also opened a Chapter 2 on Southern Avenue in the midst of the pandemic, ”he said.
Amina chief executive Kabir Azhar said the group plans to add two or three new outlets in the first three months of 2022.
There are 4,000 to 5,000 bars and restaurants in and around town with a combined income of Rs 6,000 to 7,000 crore per year. The bar and restaurant industry in Kolkata alone had suffered a loss of Rs 4,000-4,500 crore since the pandemic began in April 2020. It employs more than 80,000 people in the greater Kolkata region alone. .

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