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Roast duck specialist Hing Lung, 41, opens new SF restaurant

Hing Lung Co. has been launching roast pork and crispy skin duck for decades in San Francisco’s Chinatown. Today, the 41-year-old Cantonese barbecue specialist is expanding for the first time, with a Bernal Heights restaurant slated to open next summer.

Owners and brothers Eric and Simon Cheung call it Go Duck Yourself, the same brand name they launched during the pandemic for Hing Lung on delivery apps. Located at 439 Cortland Ave., it will offer a clean take on Hing Lung’s line of meats: roast duck, roast pork, barbecue pork, chicken in soy sauce and poached chicken, served with greens and rice.

While Hing Lung is a takeout-only operation, Go Duck Yourself will offer indoor seating – around 20 seats – as well as outdoor seating on a planned parklet. The Cheung brothers are building the space to meet their needs, so the meats will be roasted fresh on the spot.

“For many years now, we’ve believed Cantonese barbecue to be underestimated in the culinary scene,” Eric Cheung said via email. “We want to expand the popularity of this comfort food. “

Eric Cheung unloads pork from a cylindrical oven in Hing Lung in Chinatown. Go Duck Yourself will offer a simplified version of the Hing Lung menu.

Gabrielle Lurie / The Chronicle 2017

When the team launched Go Duck Yourself on the delivery apps, they noticed a lot of orders came from Southeast San Francisco as well as the Peninsula. They believe Bernal Heights is a great place to reach these residents, Cheung said.

It probably won’t be the last Go Duck Yourself. The Cheung brothers want to develop further, first establishing a solid reputation in the Bay Area before heading to Southern California.

Hing Lung, one of the best places to eat The Chronicle in San Francisco’s Chinatown, is loved for its excellent interpretations of classic Cantonese barbecued meats, including honey-glazed char siu pork; succulent roast duck available whole or in boneless pieces; and roasted pork belly with remarkably crunchy skin. The Cheung brothers took over the store from their father, who bought the place in the 1990s.

Go duck yourself. Opening summer 2022. 439 Cortland Ave., San Francisco.

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