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Roz Purcell falls in love with Carlingford

Irish influencer Rozanna Purcell visited Carlingford last week and told half a million Instagram followers that she had never laughed so much or been so pleasantly surprised by a place.

he model turned fitness and food writer was so impressed with her trip that she was ecstatic: “Okay you all have to book a weekend in Carlingford for such a small town where there is LOTS to do and great food.
“Save the best trip @ in Ireland till the end, I think. I have never laughed so much or been so pleasantly surprised by a place.”

Blessed with the late fall sun, she tried out all of Carlingford’s best deals and shared many photos from her trip on her Instagram account.

Roz who is vegan stayed at the award winning Georgian Ghan House where she enjoyed fine dining, claiming it was “one of the best food hotels I’ve been to in Ireland”, she also bought some tacos vegans at Wildwood Café and walked into Ruby Ellen’s tea rooms where she enjoyed a cake.

She also organized a lot of activities, taking a trip to Carlingford Lough with Carlingford Lough Sea Tours, hiking with Clodagh McKevitt from Anam Tours and biking along the Green Lane.

The Co Tipperary native started her day with yoga at Carlingford Yoga, which she described as “an amazing space in the mountains watching the sunrise”.

She also spent three hours at Skypark which she said was a lot of fun.

Roz shared photos of iconic Carlingford landmarks, including PJ O’Hares and the Old Convent, and posted a list of things to do in and around Carlingford.

Urging her supporters to visit the regions, she said: “Just a short drive from Dublin, the town of Carlingford is full of so many adventures, great restaurants and even their own friendly dolphin Finn!”

She is only the last in the list of celebrities to visit the picturesque village.

Earlier in the summer, RTE star Anna Geary, who stayed in Lordship with husband Kevin Sexton, shared highlights of her visit to the Cooley Peninsula on social media.

Former politician, author and host Michael Portillo was in Carlingford in mid-October to film a documentary for the BBC on famous local oysters.

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