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Sally Outram Walk: A Perfect Fall Walk Around Newstead Abbey

Some of the beautiful scenes that can be seen on this walk. (photos: Sally Outram)

There is no better way to enjoy the beautiful fall days than to slip on your walking shoes and wrap yourself in the warm for an invigorating adventure through quintessential villages, wooded trails and historic grounds. English of Newstead Abbey.

The abbey was founded in 1170 and was once an Augustinian priory until the dissolution of the monasteries.

In 1540 King Henry VIII granted the abbey to Sir John Byron of Colwick and remained in the family for many generations: being the ancestral home of the controversial poet Lord Byron.

Byron was famous for his flamboyance and became one of England’s best-known poetic geniuses.

The landscaped gardens and Abbey grounds are simply stunning, with spectacular ornamental gardens and a wide variety of wildlife.

If you’re lucky enough, you might even spot the resident peacocks showing off their colorful feathers.

The lake, ponds and pretty waterfalls are fed by the River Leen and provide a beautiful setting to sit next to, soak up the fall sun and watch the world go by.

There is also a great little cafe where you can have a hot drink or a tasty soup to warm you up on a cold day.

Perfect seasonal walk, it takes us through the villages of Papplewick and Linby, which are full of surprises; from pretty little cottages and from St James’s Church to the Steam Museum, Papplewick Pumping Station.

The station was built in the early 1800s by the Nottingham Corporation’s water department to provide clean water from the sandstone to many parts of the region.

It was decommissioned in the late 1960s and this magnificent Gothic Revival building is today one of the most spectacular examples of Victorian engineering and Gothic Revival architecture.

It’s a fantastic place to visit, with plenty of events and activities available by reservation, such as 1940s weekends and a Christmas fair, where you can see steam in action.

There is also a charming little tea room where you can feast!

The pumping station is actually located a few kilometers from the village, but it’s worth taking a look after your walk.

St James’s Church dates from around the 12th century and, according to local folklore, one of the Robin Hoods Merry Men; Alan-A-Dale got married there.

Linby nestles along the River Leen and small streams, known as Linby Docks, run through the pretty village on either side of the main street.

As you walk around, notice the impressive stone crosses, the top cross and the bottom cross.

The top cross dates back to medieval times, the bottom one around 1660.

Linby is also known for her culinary connections, the infamous pancake is believed to originate from the village, created by the women to celebrate the defeat of the Danish invaders who had enslaved them.

This quaint village is full of charm with something of interest around every corner.

Distance: 5.5 miles (8.85 km)

Slope: Mainly flat but a climb and a descent

Severity: easy to moderate

Approximate walking time: 3 hours

Maps: OS 270 Sherwood Forest

Description of the path: paths / roadway, tracks and paths at the edge of the field

Starting point: Newstead Abbey car park

Dog Friendly: Yes, on a leash

Public washrooms: Yes, Newstead Abbey

Refreshments: Yes, Newstead Abbey Cafe

Appropriate footwear is required.

1. From the Newstead Abbey car park, walk away from the Abbey and walk up towards the main entrance for a short distance until you reach a crossroads.

2. Just after the crossroads, turn right along a marked path, follow this forest path until you reach a tarmac path with a sign. Here turn left and keep walking along the path / track until you reach a few gates (half a mile). Continue along the right of the gates until you reach another gate near a cottage and walk along the leafy tree-lined path for a mile.

3. Turn left and head towards Top Farm which is near the B683 road. At the road turn right and walk along the path towards the village of Papplewick. After a short distance the road turns sharply to the right, passing a row of small cottages, take the left turn at Papplewick Lodge then turn right onto the marked path to Linby.

4.Continue towards Papplewick Church; you will see another markup that directs you into a field through a gate. Continue along the path to the field; continue to the next gate and into another field, keeping the path to the edge of the field to the right until you reach another sign that directs you to a small road towards the village of Linby.

5.At the crossroads, cross over and turn right onto the path. Pass Bottom Cross and continue until you reach the Horse and Groom Pub, cross to the pub and turn left, past Top Cross and Linby Church; walk until you reach a large crossroads.

6. Here turn right along a public path and through a barrier (which is signposted) and continue along the track passing through a nature reserve; you will see two ponds. Continue along for half a mile until you reach another barrier. Go through the barrier and turn right.

7.Follow the path slightly uphill, this takes you through Freckland Woods and a clear view at the top. Walk down to a stile that is just before the entrance to Newstead Abbey Park. Cross the upright then turn right along the road. Pass the entrance and continue along a “permitted section” for a short distance. Stay on this road until you reach Newstead Abbey Lake, you will see the beautiful waterfall and the Abbey in front of you.

8. Return to the car park or enjoy the magnificent Abbey and its park.

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