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Small town in Illinois named one of America’s best spooky ghost towns

Not too late in the Halloween season to go out and explore the spooky and the ghostly.

This, however, is a different type of “ghost” as in “ghost town”.

BackyardExploration via YouTube

The only spirits left are those who roam a city that was apparently quite bustling.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Cairo, Illinois, if only because there is a city of the same name in Egypt.

BackyardExploration via YouTube

Two things, there are more people in Cairo in Egypt than there are in Cairo, Illinois and Lincoln country, people pronounce Cairo, Care-Oh. Understood?

Either way, Cairo, Illinois had residents. It’s a lot smaller these days and even worse, it’s just been named as one of the The best spooky ghost towns to visit in the United States according to Money, inc. :

It was the destination of freed slaves and once a bustling city on the Mississippi and Ohio rivers, at the confluence of the two. It was a running business when the ferry and riverboat industries were at their peak, but when both collapsed, Cairo became a victim. Today it is only a collection of remains of buildings and ruins.

“Ruins” is to put it lightly. A 2013 BackyardExploration YouTube video features rubble and trash, and quite honestly, watching the person who took the video walking around these empty buildings, I was afraid they would end up crashing into the ground. .

BackyardExploration via YouTube

Thus, while Money, inc. It was just to call Cairo one of the best ghost towns in America, I’m not sure anyone is going there on a sightseeing expedition.

Then again, this YouTuber makes some pretty strong arguments for celebrating Cairo’s rich history.

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Ummm, can anyone explain why these toys are attached to an abandoned motel south of Rockford ???

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