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Standerton’s Sibonelo Masondo takes on the new business challenge – Ridge Times

A multi-faceted artist from Standerton has accomplished a few things in his life, not least learning to speak a foreign language.

Mr. Sibonelo Masondo was born and raised in town and now lives with his grandmother in Kosmospark.

The wall of her bedroom represents examples of her grandson’s sketches over the years.

Grandmother Victoria was very willing and eager to be her role model, along with her parents Mandla and Madi, to fully support her aspirations.

“Art is something that I love from a young age,” he said.

“It’s more than a hobby, it’s a lifestyle.”

The time spent at the Johannesburg Art Gallery for a reading of almost three hours in 2017, has greatly satisfied him.

“It was my first experience of working as an artist,” he said.

“Oh yes, a little pilfering with my eyes also took place. “

Sibonelo prefers graphite pencils and generally focuses on portraits and landscapes.

He said unequivocally that you can make a living from art, but recognized that framing can be expensive.

The usual question asked of a respondent about sugar in a cup of coffee was answered with a request for a visual demonstration of the circumference of the cup.

“I imagine everything,” he admitted.

Sibonelo enrolled at Stanwest Combined School in 2016 and took a year off afterward.

He is taking an executive secretary course at Oxbridge Academy in the hopes of one day becoming a businessman, preferably in the art field.

With its mastery of social media, a cell phone is used to take photos, make short videos and capture sunsets.

The reason being the financial return required for a good camera.

After CNA closed at the Monument Center, his work as a sales consultant and book exhibit was a thing of the past.

“I love to read, especially about finances and personal growth,” added the bookworm.

Financial wisdom is a priority in her life, aside from attracting other people into her life.

He strongly believes in offering support to other people, be it emotional, psychological or financial.

Sibonelo’s involvement with Jehovah’s Witnesses and door-to-door visits expose him to different people at different stages of their lives.

“Most of them are willing to listen,” he commented.

The Jehovahs of Standerton meet in the Kingdom Halls of Meyerville and Sakhile, and sermons are delivered in Zulu, English, Afrikaans, and Sotho.

“To reach someone, you have to speak to them in their own language.

He has been studying Mandarin for three years, first using YouTube and PDFs.

“I satisfied my curiosity and challenged myself to learn the language.

“To be considered literate, you must know at least 3,000 characters in a language that has more than 50,000.”

Sibonelo felt that the basics like “hello”, “how are you” and “good, thank you” can be mastered within a week.

He helps out a friend from GS College, who is going to China.

This particular interest in Chinese started in school and it has now become friends with the Chinese community in the city.

“I have been invited to sleepovers and meals and have found them hospitable.”

His taste for food was influenced by Chinese cuisine, but seafood remains a favorite, not allergic at all.

“I’m not picky, but the pumpkin is a no-no.”

He sometimes skates on thin ice with daily skateboarding with a couple of friends.

“You have to focus on how to ride first,” he commented.

“It was pretty scary.”

Any challenge apparently wets the appetite of this 24-year-old bachelor.

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