Steglitz has one of the best Chinese restaurants in Berlin

BerlinRetro lovers will love this Cantonese Chinese restaurant! But briefly on the genesis of this review. A few weeks ago, I introduced Da Jia Le in Schöneberg as one of the best Chinese restaurants in Berlin. Then I got an unruly email.

There, a reader wrote: “For me the best Chinese restaurant in Berlin is not the very high end / luxury restaurant in Da Jia Le, but rather a little known old school store, Hee Lam Mun in Steglitz. The original and innovative furniture alone is a dream and you feel very good and warm care. Try the cast iron dishes (57 degrees too hot) or the crispy duck or the roasted duck. Often the crowd consists of a few retirees or students. Otherwise, the store is hipster-free.

Paul max fisher

very crispy duck

Of course, I had to try. So I booked a table and headed to Steglitz. I must say: the colorful neon lights on the roof of the house on Grunewaldstrasse 23 (near the Institute for Theater Studies of the Free University of Berlin, opposite the majestic villas) convinced me. The atmosphere is warm and authentic. The owner is originally from Hong Kong, speaks Cantonese and dreams when she talks to him about her homeland. She travels to Asia every year and tests the food to keep up to date. And you can taste it!

Paul max fisher

Ente kross im China-Restaurant Hee Lam Mun.

The crispy duck is actually very, very crispy. Fresh vegetables. I was especially impressed with the meatballs filled with tender meat, which is a poem. The classic was also ordered: sweet and sour pork, cooked twice, with chunks of fresh pineapple, awesome! I must therefore make my judgment a little relative. Cantonese restaurant Hee Lam Mun is an insider tip that gives Steglitz a reason to go. They are wonderful hosts who leave nothing to be desired. A visit to a restaurant is like a vacation.

Note: 5 out of 5 points

Chinese restaurant He Lam Mun مطعم, Grünewaldstr. 23, 12165 Berlin, Tuesday to Sunday, 12 p.m. to 8 p.m.

This text appeared in the weekend edition of the Berliner Zeitung – every Saturday at the newsstand or here as a subscription.

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