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Szechuan sauce returns to McDonald’s

Do you remember 1998? McDonald’s did something exciting that year when they launched a new McNuggets dip as part of a promotion for Disney’s new movie, “Mulan.”

Inspired by Southwestern Chinese cuisine, McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce combines soy, garlic, ginger and mild vinegar. The sauce sauce received instant love customers, but McDonald’s faced controversy after to be accused of of racial stereotyping in its promotional advertising.

Szechuan sauce had not been available for a long time in 1998 and disappeared when the “Mulan” promotion ended. Nineteen years later, after the renewed interest sparked by the show “Rick and Morty”, Szechuan sauce made a limited-time appearance in 2017. The fast food chain made it available again in 2018.

Now, for the third time in 24 years, McDonald’s is putting Szechuan sauce back on the menu, again for a short time. There is, however, a small catch.

You can order Szechuan sauce with your McNuggets order starting March 31 while supplies last. Unlike 1998, you’ll only be able to get your hands on Szechuan sauce by ordering through the McDonald’s app. You can also purchase up to five sauces separately through the app.

McDonald’s says the sauces will be served in limited-edition wrappers with five different gold foil designs that, when placed next to each other, spell “Szechuan.”

Szechuan sauce will soon be available at McDonald’s – again – in limited-edition packaging. (McDonalds)

When McDonald’s brought Szechuan sauce back to the menu in 2017, fans were quick to scurry to the nearest spot. The response was so overwhelming that McDonald’s quickly promised it would be back.

In 2018, McDonald’s made the sauce available longer and in larger quantities. Twenty million cups of sauce were available this time, according to reports. If you are looking for a cut of 2018, some are being sold online up to $420.