Take a dumpling crawl in New York’s Chinatown

These sweet dumplings are simmered in water with julienned ginger and dried osmanthus flowers. “If you like mochi, you’ll love the dessert balls at Mee Sum Cafe,” Young says. “They’re filled with a mixture of roasted ground peanuts and sugar or ground black sesame and sugar. They are so good, I dare you to eat just one.

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“The best way to judge a dim sum restaurant is by the quality of the shrimp balls because ha gao is the most popular dim sum item, ”says Young. “And Ping’s ha gao is the ultimate.

Young notes that the best ha gao have translucent skin, so you can see the shrimp, with a crispy texture like glass. Traditionally, the best dim sum chef makes 12 folds to form a ha gao handbag shape.

“Ping’s is famous for its steamed seafood balls,” Young says. “It tastes as fabulous as it looks.”

Dim Sum Go Go: 5 E Broadway

“The only restaurant that makes roast duck meatballs is Dim Sum Go Go and I love them with their homemade xo sauce,” Young says. The Michelin-rated restaurant says it rolls up 12,000 to 15,000 dumplings per week.

“Dim Sum Go Go is known for their wonderful 3-star dumplings,” Young says.
“It is filled with jicama, lotus root and cabbage.”

Shanghai 21:21 Mott Street

“The Shanghai 21 was the first restaurant in Chinatown to serve black truffle soup dumplings,” Young explains. “Let me tell you, they are to die for.”

Chef Raymond Yip says they only wrap soup dumplings after ordering, because if a soup dumpling is wrapped too early, the dough can get wet, causing it to fall apart. He estimates that they pack 6 dumplings in a minute and 360 dumplings in an hour. Additionally, Yip notes that they use gelatin for soup dumpling fillings, compared to pork skin or pork knuckle broth, in order to make it healthier.

“I am very picky. Most pot stickers aren’t brown enough, the paste is too thick, or some places use factory-made packaging and the filling is too dry, ”Young explains. “The Shanghai 21 pot stickers are amazing. They are exactly how I like them: crispy bottom, thin homemade dough with a juicy filling.

Grand NY Noodletown: 28 Bowery

“For over 30 years, Danny Chung has served Won Ton noodle soup at Great NY Noodletown,” Young says. “Wontons are ethereal, silky and my favorite fast food dish.” She adds that she calls it “fast food” because once ordered, it can be served in less than five minutes.

Open until 4 a.m., Great NY Noodletown is also a local favorite, with several celebrity fans. Momofuku’s David Chang described his love for his ginger and scallion noodles, while Sarah Jessica Parker and Prabal Gurung (above) are among his Won Ton soup enthusiasts.

Plus, find out how to support the Chinatown community in New York on Welcome to Chinatown, Asian Americans for Equality, Stop asian hate, and After.

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