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Where to get pizza by the slice, vegan dumplings, pancakes and more.

It’s no secret that Minneapolis is home to a vibrant and ever-changing restaurant scene – and you don’t have to stray far from campus to taste it. Whether you’re looking to escape the monotony of dining room dishes or are looking for something more smug than last night’s leftovers, Dinkytown’s restaurant scene probably has what you’re looking for. A&E has put together a compilation of the different restaurants in the area to guide you on the days when you can’t make up your mind when it comes to what to eat.

If you’ve ever walked along Fifth St SE, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of the smells that emanate from the kitchen at Kbop Korean Bistro. Kbop serves classics like bulgogi, bibimbap and japchae in a quick and relaxed atmosphere.

Stroll through Wally’s Falafel Hummus & Bakery for a plethora of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern options. The falafel sandwich costs less than $ 7 and is a relatively inexpensive and satisfying meal.
If you’re an early riser or have enough patience in the morning, head to Al’s Breakfast and sit at the counter of 14 stools for a specialty omelet or stack of blueberry pancakes. It’s even Guy Fieri endorsed, so you know it will be worth the wait. For those mornings when you just can’t wait for breakfast, head to Tony’s Diner for a healthy dose of that classic greasy spoon dish we all know and love.

Looking for something sweet to sip? Chatime, Tiger Sugar, and Kung Fu Tea each offer their own selection of tea and coffee drinks to sip. Also, don’t miss the Avocado Chocolate Shake at Avocadish.

If you go to Kung Fu Tea, consider staying and eating at Le Pot Chinois. Fondue itself is an experience – an experience of sticking an assortment of vegetables, meat or noodles into a pot of boiling broth in order to cook and consume them. The unsung hero of the Pot is its sauce station, offering a variety of ingredients like crushed garlic and sesame oil to mix and match that make it a condiment lover’s dream. Head to Tasty Pot down the street for a similar experience.

While you may be familiar with its interior in the context of its cafe status, Gray’s has an eclectic lunch and dinner menu worth checking out, as well as weekend brunch. Try the Llapingachos (Ecuadorian potato cakes stuffed with cheese) if you’re trying to change things up.

Banh-mi on the brain? Banh Appetit should be your go-to. You can also grab one at Pho Mai, but you’d better go for a large bowl of their pho accompanied by Sua Da coffee (Vietnamese iced coffee).

As the days get colder, consider indulging in a pâté (a traditional Cornish pâté with a savory filling, mind you) from Land’s End Pasty Company. Those big little pockets of dough, potatoes and (sometimes) meat pack a punch.

Shuang Cheng Restaurant is a staple in Dinkytown, offering Cantonese-style Chinese dishes daily. While the menu is packed with options, the real gem of the restaurant is its lunch specials, a rotation of over thirty options that offer large portions at a solid price.

Struggling to find decent herbal options? Look no further than Camdi, a Chinese and Vietnamese fusion family restaurant that has been in the region for over 35 years. Their separate vegan menu offers everything from steamed or fried vegan dumplings to hot and spicy vegan duck.

If you’re thinking of pizza, try one of the awesome tasting slices like Southern Gentleman (Cajun Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Bacon, and Cheddar Cheese) or Guacamole Burrito (Black Beans, Rice, Guacamole, Sour Cream, and Cheddar Cheese) ) from Mesa Pizza. Down the street, Frank & Andrea has their own selection of slices with cheesesteaks. Pro tip: Order through Doordash and take an order of mini donuts for a state-fair treat.

Do you smell something fresh? Head over to JJ’s Poke for a fully customizable and buildable poke bowl. Go for a sushiritto from The Cove if you’re looking for a way to change up your typical poke order.

For the quick and laid back people, check out the following: Crisp & Green for crunchy green salads; the cult classic Raising Cane for its crispy chicken fillets and frustrating delicious Cane’s sauce; Korean fried chicken bonchon; Jimmy John’s for super-fast submarines; DP dough for a pasty and cheese calzone; Potbelly Sandwich Shop for a mediocre sandwich; Qdoba for a burrito-bowl and queso that won’t cost more.