The Knicks are better than the nets … at ticket sales

Almost every year for about seven years, Brooklyn Nets fans will begin the “New York In Nets country now” discussion. Even though the New York Knicks haven’t had the talent or success of the Nets during this time, New York is and always will be the home of the Knicks! If you don’t believe me, take a look at the NBA Playoff ticket sales.

Tickets to face one of the Knicks against the Atlanta Hawks sold out in less than an hour. Meanwhile, the Nets had to ask Point Guard superstar James Harden to pay 50% of the price for fans to buy Nets Vs Boston Celtics tickets.

According to Empire Sports Media Knicks tickets in the aftermarket, for as low as $ 217 and as high as $ 5,969 for front row seats, and Nets fans can still buy tickets for as low as $ 129 to $ 529 for a bowl ticket. lower via Ticketmaster!

Selling and bringing in THREE of the NBA’s biggest superstars and still can’t sell tickets? While on the road, the REAL “Big 15” sell out almost instantly? It must sting! It feels good to see Knicks fans shouting “WE HERE TOO” at Julius Randle!


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