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The most expensive parts of Herefordshire compared to the rest of England and Wales

Have you ever wondered how the most expensive roads in Herefordshire compare to the rest of England and Wales?

With the Herefordshire countryside, quaint towns and proximity to Wales putting it on the holiday map, property prices in the county are on the rise.

According to Rightmove, the overall Herefordshire average is £ 317,248.

It was similar to neighboring Worcestershire (£ 307,573), but more expensive than Shropshire (£ 268,980) and the West Midlands (£ 245,044).

The most expensive area in Herefordshire was Stretford (£ 675,000) and the cheapest was Credenhill (£ 207,722).

However, that seems small compared to the average cost of £ 28.9million to live on the most expensive street in England and Wales, according to an analysis.

And research has found that Benar Headland in Pwllheli – Wales’ most expensive street – has an average house price of £ 2,152,000.

Over the past year, sale prices in Herefordshire have risen 15% from the previous year and 20% from 2018, when the average house price was £ 264,117.

The annual list of wealthy estates, revealing the UK’s most expensive streets, revealed which Herefordshire streets are some of the most expensive.

The county’s top five, published by Zoopla, includes two roads in Hereford and one in Ledbury, the remainder being hamlets and quiet villages.

Ranked first among the most expensive areas in Herefordshire, Sollers Hope, between Hereford and Ross-on-Wye, has an average house price of £ 742,309.

The village is a short walk from the River Wye and close to the quaint market towns of Ledbury and Ross-on-Wye, as well as just 10 miles from Hereford town center.

However, that doesn’t compare to the more expensive area of ​​England and Wales which is unsurprisingly located in London.

In Tite Street, Chelsea, London, a house will sell for an average of £ 28,902,000.

At number two is the small area of ​​Leddington, just outside Ledbury.

The hamlet has an average house price of £ 741,338, according to Zoopla research.

The second most expensive neighborhood in England and Wales was – again unsurprisingly – London.

At Phillimore Gardens, the average house price on the prestigious street near Holland Park is almost £ 25.2million.

At three o’clock is Hope Mansell, near Ross-on-Wye. House prices in the hamlet just south of town average £ 698,946 and are just minutes from the Wye Valley Area of ​​Outstanding Natural Beauty.

However, it looks a bit more manageable compared to South Audley Street in Mayfair, London, as houses sell for an average of £ 22,850,000.

Complete list :

1. Sollers Hope, Hereford: £ 742,309 – Tite Street, SW3, London: £ 28,902,000

2. Leddington, Ledbury: £ 741,338 – Phillimore Gardens, W87, London: £ 25,188,000

3. Hope Mansell, Ross-on-Wye: £ 698,946 – South Audley Street, W1K, London: £ 22,850,000

4. Stansbatch, Leominster: £ 683,138 – Chelsea Square, SW3, London: £ 18,800,000

5. Donnington, Ledbury: £ 678,523 – Queen Anne’s Gate, SW1, London: £ 17,563,000