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The top 5 new Chinese restaurants in Toronto

New Chinese restaurants in Toronto combine innovation and tradition. We already have so many great sources of Chinese food in this city, but we can always use more places for dumplings, noodles, soups, snacks and rice dishes.

Here are some new Chinese restaurants in Toronto that you must try.

Chinese MIMI

This Yorkville restaurant started out as a foreclosure project and showcases regional Chinese cuisine. Expect dishes like toast with shrimp, noodles, fried rice, cucumber salad, and lobster with scallions and ginger.

Vintage hotpot

Immerse yourself in a retro vibe at this North York restaurant meant to have a vintage vibe. Serve the Sichuan fondue with braised dishes, proteins like shrimp, tofu and sliced ​​lamb are on the menu.

Moon palace

This new dim sum and Cantonese food spot opened last year near Yonge and Dundas. They have all your must-haves like lobster, sesame seed balls, steamed veggies, abalone, chicken, ribs, meatballs, and sticky rice.

Good luck coffee

North York is now home to this Hong Kong-style cafe serving brick toast stacked and loaded with ground beef, cheese, rice, spaghetti and chicken curry. They also serve milk tea which has a teddy bear-shaped component.

Aunt Tianjin’s Steamed Bun

Chinatown added this steamed bun restaurant to its restaurant list this year, where you can also get items like jianbing (a kind of pancake) and noodles.