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The village square of Pano Arodes gets a makeover

The square in the village of Pano Arodes has been given a makeover thanks to the efforts of the local tourist office, the deputy minister of tourism.

The work, which is part of a broader action plan underway in the district, aims to offer an “aesthetic and functional upgrade of the traditional café and the square”, announced the regional tourist office of Paphos.

“Thanks to the joint efforts of the Ministry of Tourism and the Paphos Regional Tourist Board, which are being implemented to modernize and solve the problems in the communities, various modernization actions have recently been completed in Pano Arodes Square”, did he declare.

The improvements include replacing the plastic chairs and iron tables at the community cafe with traditional wooden chairs, removing the multi-colored promotional umbrella and replacing it with two “substantial” umbrellas that match the architecture and colors of the building. place and planting flowers around the place, he said.

In addition, there is ongoing maintenance and painting of the rest of the objects used by the public, such as benches, bins, etc., as well as the replacement of metal signs.

This Arodes cafe in the square is located behind the church of Agios Kalandionas. It’s a welcoming stone space, with a unique picturesque courtyard and several trees, he noted.

“As the regional tourism office of Paphos, in close cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism, we will intensify efforts for the implementation of a series of actions in various communities of the district of Paphos under the plan of ‘action for 2021, and using the sponsorship plans and measures of the Ministry of Tourism,’ he said.

The aim is to improve the services offered, the aesthetics and the functionality of the different spaces in order to make the communities of Paphos more attractive, the local tourism board concluded.

The village is located on the Laona plateau, 590 meters above sea level – on the edge of the Akamas nature reserve.

It is surrounded by vineyards and orchards and is home to many varieties of flora and fauna.

The church is considered by some to be the only one in the world dedicated to Ayios Kalandionas, who is also the patron saint of the village.

The neighboring village of Kato Arodes was predominantly Turkish Cypriot until the Turkish invasion of 1974.

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