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The worst places for food hygiene in every neighborhood in Nottinghamshire in 2021

When it comes to food hygiene, people are very careful.

Rightly so, what we put in our bodies is very important not only for taste, but for our health – whether it’s a treat on the go or a hearty sit-down meal.

That is why it is so vital that food hygiene in restaurants is maintained at a high standard.

We’ve witnessed food horror stories in the city – from a contested moldy cheesecake to a caterpillar crawling into a Sainsbury’s sandwich – but what about the counties?

This roundup will show all of those restaurants, takeaways, and cafes with less than favorable food hygiene ratings given throughout 2021.

Many may have improved their practices because, at the time of publication, everyone listed received a rating of one or less on their last inspection, according to their local authority.

All grades are between one and five.


Ashfield District Council inspectors awarded five companies a star in 2021, but none are lower.


While the Broxtowe Borough Council has accumulated a backlog of food hygiene checks to be carried out, a few establishments have been the unfortunate recipients of low marks.

  • Ali’s convenience stores – the Stapleford store in Derby Road received a one star rating by inspectors in September, who said major improvement was needed in food safety management.

  • Nisa – a store in the Lane in Awsworth, also received a star in September, with officers satisfied with everything but the management of food safety.

  • Only potatoes and sauces – the mobile caterer registered with the town hall got a rating of one in May, with major improvement needed in hygienic food handling and food safety management.

A council spokesperson said it was “fully committed” to ensuring the premises maintain “the highest possible” standards.

Forest Chippy and Fortuna received a star


Surprisingly, only one establishment in all of Bassetlaw, which encompasses Worksop, Retford and Tuxford, is not rated at least three out of five, according to the Food Standards Agency.

  • Butchers Worksop, at Newcastle Avenue, received a rating of one by inspectors in July, who said improvements were needed in each category.

Councilor Julie Leigh, a member of the Bassetlaw District Council neighborhood cabinet, said since the lockdown they had “focused their efforts on supporting all new businesses and those that have been identified as high risk.” .


A few restaurants have been called in to make hygiene improvements in the borough, ranging from Arnold to Netherfield.

  • Polska Chata – Polish retailer Netherfield received one and asked inspectors to improve food safety management in August.
  • Cantonese Restaurant Summer Palace – nearby, in Carlton, the Chinese restaurant also received one a month later.

  • Shayan’s Fishmonger – the store received the lowest possible score – zero – in June. Inspectors said major improvement was needed in all areas.

Gedling Borough Council chief Councilor John Clarke reminded the public that 96 percent of locals in the area are rated at four or five.

He said: “Our environmental health officers work closely with these companies to ensure that they provide safe food and have good levels of hygiene to protect public health.”


Twenty companies registered in Mansfield were given a rating of one or less. Here are the ones that received a zero:

  • Mr. Whippy – mobile business registered with Mansfield Council (March)

  • Sainte-Claire care center – Chesterfield Road (October)

  • Zosia market – Bridge Street (September)

  • B&M store – Baums Lane (October)

  • Justine – Westfield Lane (October)

  • King Shawarma – West gate (August)

  • Malinka mini market – Nottingham Road (August)

  • Moldova – West gate (October)

Councilor Marion Bradshaw, portfolio holder for Safer Communities, Housing and Well-Being at Mansfield District Council, recalled that 92% of businesses in the area had a rating of three and above, but the accepted standards had “slipped” during the pandemic.

She said: “The main areas of concern are the lack of food safety procedures, inadequate cleaning and failure to ensure that staff are properly trained.”

The Crown Inn, Newark
The Crown Inn, Newark

Newark and Sherwood

Four locations under the authority of Newark and Sherwood District Council received a one or less, and one received a zero.

  • A1 fish bar – Newark’s London Road chippy received an award in July.

  • Seven Aces caterer – the catering company received a rating of one in October for its service at the Robin Hood Inn pub in Edwinstowe.

  • The Crown Inn – another ad, this time in Newark, got one in October.

  • Mughal Rasoi – Southwell Indian Restaurant has been advised that major improvement is needed across the board as it was slapped with a zero.

A council spokesperson said the premises are checked every six months or three years, depending on “associated risks.”


Unlike Mansfield, no company has received a zero star rating and still has one in 2021. However, 13 companies have a rating of one or less.

Here are those rated at one:

  • Adbolton Hall Retirement Home – Pierrepont (October)

  • China city – Ruddington (August)

  • House of baguettes – East Leake (April)

  • Dhaka Delhi – Ruddington (June)

  • Keyworth Fish Bar – Keyworth (January)

  • Dame C Kitchen – West Bridgford (October)

  • A red cap – West Bridgford (July)

  • Shalimar – Cotgrave (October)

  • Signor Pepper – Bingham (March)

  • Langar Café Skydiving – Langar aerodrome (August)

  • Stone roasting house – West Bridgford (July)

  • Martin’s weapons – Colston Bassett (August)

  • Tomkins Butchers of Radcliffe – Radcliffe on Trent (February)

A spokesperson for Rushcliffe Borough Council said they perform more than 350 inspections a year and warned customers to “look for the window sticker”.

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