Tudor Model Village – East Melbourne, Australia

Located in the center of the picturesque Fitzroy Gardens in Melbourne sits this English Tudor model village, a gift of great generosity and goodwill from country to country.

During World War II there were food shortages in England and most of Europe. Many gifts and food packages were sent from Australia. It is to this contribution of the inhabitants of Melbourne that this beautiful attraction has been dedicated.

The citizens of Lambeth, a district in south London, England, have decided to raise funds for this gift. In 1948 the village was sent from London and placed in one of Melbourne’s many parks. It was designed by Edgar Wilson, a 77-year-old retiree, who modeled the houses after a traditional English village from the Tudor era. He built two similar villages at this time which have been preserved in London, one in Brockwell Park and the other in Vauxhall Park.

The village of Fitzroy Gardens consists of a mix of private residences and public buildings which allows visitors to get a glimpse of life in Tudor England. Visitors can see a school, hotel, barn, church, thatched cottages and many other buildings. Interestingly, there are also scale models of houses owned by Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway. The village was officially opened by Mayor Cr Raymond Connelly in May 1948.

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