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Two drownings in Belmar and Berkeley urge caution

The two drownings earlier this week in Belmar and Berkeley are the latest unfortunate reminders to exercise caution on and near the water this summer and not swim without lifeguards present.

The ocean, the waves in the bay in particular, can be very deceiving in optics compared to reality.

The waters can be rougher, more dangerous than they look on any given day, even on a sunny, hot day.

It is always important to watch flags on the beach and obey all signs related to beach rules and safety, even in parks, lakes and small swimming spots.

If there has been a storm of any kind the day before or one en route, it may not be best to go in the water, due to some potentially dangerous conditions, but if you do go, check with the lifeguards, and if in doubt, just stay on the sand or find another activity to do away from the beach.

Hear from law enforcement, mayors, lifeguards, park officials, and more. who continue to issue warnings and advice on beach and water safety, from digging to swimming and everything in between.

The rules are in place for your safety and the safety of others, not because people are trying to stop you from having a good time.

Be safe and responsible this summer and listen.

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