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Watch: Paneer and Chinese Flavor Vendor’s Three-in-One Dosa Leaves the Internet in Two

When it comes to having comfort food, South Indian cuisine might be the go-to for many of us. The delicious tangy and spicy flavors associated with uttapams, idlis, dosas and more are simply divine. And with enough room for experimentation, we can add almost any toppings or masalas to our favorite dishes and create a new flavor. For this reason, today we see many fusion recipes that some of us love to have! But not all fusion dishes can be good. Sometimes, in the name of “merger”, we come across something that can divide the masses with its creation. Recently, one of these videos showing a three-in-one dosa is getting mixed reactions from many people. Some people showed their dismay at it, while others said it looked tasty.

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In a video uploaded by Instagram food blogger @hungaryblogger, we can see a street vendor making this unique dosa. He starts by spreading the dosa dough on a hot tawa, then he butters it well. After that he starts adding layers of what appears to be paneer masala, a mix of Indochinese masala and chowmein at the end. He then garnishes it with cheese and spring onions. Finally, he makes individual cuts on the dosa, rolls it up and serves it. Take a look here:

Since this video was uploaded, it has garnered 894,000 views, 50,000 likes and several comments. Many people were not happy with the creation of this fusion dosa. One person wrote: “I am a South Indian, and I know how painful it is to see these things.” Another user wrote, “Leave that fucking dosa alone.” Others also showed their displeasure with this dosa by using emojis.

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Contrary to that, some people called it tasty and said they would like to try it.

What do you think of this three-in-one dosa? Let us know in the comments below!