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We tried the Chinese restaurant Llandudno which is currently top on TripAdvisor

In addition to charm and popularity, the characteristics of those born in the “Year of the Tiger” also include confidence and courage, which means people born under this sign are considered natural leaders.

The family that owns Tops Chinese Restaurant certainly falls into this category with one of the best dinner services I have come across. Service was seamless and flawless throughout the day as they leapt like a tiger from table to table to make sure everyone’s evening was the best it could be.

The long-established restaurant is located in the former strong ice cream factory on Mostyn Avenue, Craig Y Don, in Llandudno town centre.

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Today, the building is less about sweet delights and more about Cantonese and Far Eastern dishes, including traditional Thai and Malay curries.

We hadn’t pre-booked but were pressed by the attentive team after inquiring about the area near the bar, which is smartly laid out, ideal when you’re waiting for take-out.

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Inside the best Chinese restaurants in Llandudno

We were soon seated on a table for two with a dish of shrimp crackers in the middle separating us. The spacious dining room on the ground floor easily seats sixty people with modern monochromatic decor, tables covered in gleaming black marble and comfortable black upholstered chairs.

Small round spotlights on the ceiling illuminate the tables which are spaced out giving you some privacy and space

Browse the Tops Menu in Llandudno

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Chicken chow mein (left) and crispy shredded beef at Tops Chinese restaurant in Llandudno

We order two non-alcoholic beers as we study the menu with its entrees including Dim Sum combinations and soups including a vegan rainbow bean curd option.

Main courses were divided into the usual seafood and meat sections with vegetarian options available. With so much to choose from, you might find it hard to choose, but there were the usual dinner specials offered for those who can’t decide.

My wife chooses from the rice and noodle section and opts for a good old fashioned chicken chow mein with crispy noodles. Chow Mein often rises to the challenge of standing out for its modest ingredients.

My wife chooses to have crispy noodles which add texture to sautéed wilted cabbage, carrots and onions. Chicken adds protein to this simple, perfect balance of sweet and salty.

I choose an item from the chef’s special section which features crispy pulled beef with the waitress suggesting a sweet chili sauce to go with it. The thin strips of marinated beef were fried and coated in a sweet, sticky sauce.

“We fought for the remaining crispy bits”

Salt and pepper crisps at Tops Chinese restaurant in Llandudno
Salt and pepper crisps at Tops Chinese restaurant in Llandudno

I chewed the non-gloopy sauce into the crispy texture of breaded beef and found the aromatic, spicy taste irresistible.

There were a few thin slices of carrots and peppers sprinkled on top, to make you feel a little better about calorie intake.

We chose salt and pepper crisps as an extra option before dithering on whether we needed rice as well.

The helpful waitress informed us that we could see if we needed rice once our food was served. We actually had more than enough food to graze on once we saw it all placed in front of us.

The salt and pepper chips were seasoned with five spice powder, salt, chili flakes and ground pepper. There was a sprinkling of spring onions and red pepper on top which really steps up your side game.

The large fries were crispy, flavorful and definitely more indulgent as we fought over the leftover crispy bits of the dish in an outrageous way.

Our opinion

Best Chinese restaurant on Mostyn Avenue, Llandudno
Best Chinese restaurant on Mostyn Avenue, Llandudno

A return trip is surely looming as there were so many other dishes on this menu that I would love to try – like many other returning families who ate there and seemed as comfortable as they would be at home they.

Tops by name and Tops by nature, as they are high on the Llandudno Trip Advisor charts. No wonder when you see how Lee, Jimmy and the team work their magic throughout the evening.

They are confident in their delivery and natural leaders in their ability to ensure that your evening goes off without a hitch.

  • Atmosphere – Family atmosphere
  • Car park – Limited outdoor parking
  • Disabled access – Full disabled access
  • A service – One of the best services I have come across in some time
  • Globally – Tops by name and tops by nature

Address and telephone number:

The best Chinese restaurants

43 Mostyn Avenue,


LL30 1AA

01492 876729

The prices

  • Pulled beef £11.50
  • Chicken chow mein €11.50
  • Salt and pepper crisps €4.00
  • Non-alcoholic Becks Blue £3.00 each

Full – £32.00

Hours of operation:

5 p.m. to 10 p.m., closed on Tuesday

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