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Welcome to the Sea Palace: Europe’s first fully floating restaurant

Located in the center of Amsterdam near Central Station, the Sea Palace is Europe’s first floating restaurant. It was built in the style of a pagoda with over 650 seats spread over its three floors – there is always a place for every traveler looking to explore this magnificent restaurant. Despite the constantly changing environment, this restaurant has always remained an attractive place. With the authentic local Chinese dishes prepared here, it’s an imperial setting that every traveler should add to their to-do list. Looking for a perfect place for a romantic dinner? Welcome to Sea Palace, Europe’s first fully floating restaurant.

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About the Palace of the Sea

The Sea Palace was built in 1984 and has become an important landmark in the center of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. The restaurant was considered the largest Chinese restaurant in the world, with enough space to accommodate 900 visitors at a time. A group of contractors from Amsterdam and Hong Kong financed its construction and it took more than 4.3 million euros to complete the project. The Chinese design of this restaurant makes it so unique, giving an exceptional look to other restaurants in Amsterdam. The atmosphere here is only found in China.

Visit to the Palace of the Sea

It is just a five minute walk from Amsterdam Central Station. The à la carte section and a bar serving cocktails are located on the first floor of the restaurant. For a romantic private dinner, visitors can go to the top floor and have an incredible experience in this magnificent building. The largest dining room can accommodate 80 guests and the smallest 13 guests. Visitors wishing to occupy the largest room in the building have access to the roof terrace, which offers a beautiful view of the sea and the Amsterdam region. Visitors who use the larger room also have access to the hotel’s karaoke system for entertainment.

Family owned, this place will always feel like home, and locals consider the restaurant a city institution. It’s always thronged with tourists, given its incredible views and top-notch reservations. When visiting the Sea Palace, travelers can use their credit card and different currencies are accepted. The staff is super friendly, quick and efficient. The Sea Palace lunch and dinner experience is second to none.

The restaurant gets quite busy and booking in advance (available online) is advisable, especially if one is looking to sit by the window to enjoy the lovely view of the surrounding area.

  • Opening hours: The restaurant operates every day, including weekends, from 12:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. The Sea Palace kitchen closes at 9:30 p.m.

Discover the delights of Sea Place

Sea Palace began operating as a Chinese-Indonesian restaurant. After some time, the restaurant changed its menu and started to prepare authentic Chinese food. Dim sum and Cantonese are the most commonly prepared dishes here – prepared in the traditional way, by a professional dim sum chef. Dim Sum translates to “touching your heart”, and it’s a type of Chinese dish that offers the perfect Chinese dining experience. At the Sea Palace, we will taste this dish and we will feel like in China.

Sichuan cuisine, Cantonese cuisine and Peking duck are also on the menu and often attract many travelers. Sichuan cuisine has many flavors prepared with Sichuan peppers, garlic, and chilies as the main ingredients. To prepare quality Cantonese cuisine, professional chefs mainly use meat dishes – garlic, oil, herbs, kept to a minimum are its main ingredients. Appetizing delicacies are also available at the Sea Palace Restaurant. Visitors can make their own selection from the menu or be surprised by the restaurant staff.

However, the menu here is not as extensive as in other Chinese restaurants and the prices are quite high, even for the drinks. Having Chinese dishes here will always flourish, no matter what choices a traveler makes. People with certain food allergies can contact the Sea Palace prior to their visit. The principle of shared meals applies when servers serve food. Every time a visitor orders food, it means they have to share it with everyone around the dinner table. This allows travelers to taste several delicacies with Chinese flavors. This type of environment is what every visitor needs after a long day of work or exploring Amsterdam.

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The restaurant tends to be strict in how it selects the suppliers and the ingredients it uses to prepare the dishes as it values ​​the quality of the dishes it serves its customers. The combination of delicacies served in this magnificent restaurant offers an amazing experience.

Other facilities

The restaurant has two VIP rooms offering an exclusive dining experience for travelers visiting in groups (from 10 to 100), for example, for business meetings. Visitors dreaming of the perfect Chinese wedding can head to the Sea Palace and use this beautiful restaurant as their venue!

Exploring Sea Palace, Europe’s first fully floating restaurant is an unforgettable experience. The restaurant is just perfect, in looks, location, size and cuisine. Chinese food lovers have every reason to visit and be pampered at the Sea Palace.


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