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What to expect at Bruno restaurant at the Versante hotel

Plays, luxurious touches and a deep love for local ingredients guide this newcomer to the Richmond restaurant scene.

From sizzling fondue to weekend dim sum brunch, or the hand-held wonders of the night market: Richmond’s food scene has immense depth and breadth, but still has room for the inventive shakers of the status quo. Enter Bruno, the bold new restaurant inside the all-new Versante Hotel, a boutique offering in the Bridgeport area in the expanding hotel zone adjacent to YVR.

Bruno is certainly not the kind of restaurant Richmond is used to; as visitors and locals came to understand the region’s immense wealth of well-executed – and often very regional – Chinese cuisine and its vast array of global taste treasures, what this newcomer is putting on the table is turning in fresh territory.

Showcasing hyper-local ingredients (so local, in fact, that some things like the lavender that features prominently in a duck dish are grown on a farm linked to the restaurant), Bruno isn’t even just a northern restaurant. -West Pacific, it aims to redefine what it means to be a Richmond restaurant.

Bruno’s menu, overseen by the BC Hotel and fine veterinarian chef Will Lew, certainly takes hotel dining to another level. You have awesome high-quality ingredients, many with a touch of luxury – think foie gras and tomahawk steaks – presented with a bit of theatricality.

But it’s not just about preparing salads at the table; we’re talking about burning a spicy sauce over oysters for something hot or setting a cold seafood platter amid the floating gray of dry ice vapor, supposed to mimic our coastal fog. The aforementioned lavender duck dish is presented nestled in a bed of lavender inside a picnic basket. For dessert, they’ll whip up creamy, fruity mini popsicles in front of you on an anti-griddle – a professional kitchen toy that freezes things in place that TV fans might expect to see Alton Brown demonstrate. .

Fresh oysters on ice in the middle of a coastal “fog”. Photo: Lindsay William-Ross / Vancouver is awesome

The dishes are designed to be enjoyed with the family, which gives Bruno another opportunity to show off a little. A late summer salad arrives in a large platter, the rainbow hues of stone fruit, heirloom tomatoes, cucumber and edible flowers artfully arranged around a mound of creamy burrata making the whole look like a huge mosaic flower. Fortunately, it’s not too pretty to eat, and it eats pretty well too – it’s a beautiful tribute to the season and the bounty of British Columbia’s farms and orchards.

You will interact more with dishes like foie gras which is finished with a hard and sweet shell, meant to be cracked into a crème brûlée and scooped up with pieces of buttery puff pastry which has also been garnished with foie. It’s a bit of a stretch, but if this is where you start your dinner time journey at Bruno’s, it’s a sign of what to expect, and also your pace – indulgence can easily be done. a guiding force here.

There is also an air of continuing mystery about Bruno – they have yet to publish any menus online, although the restaurant officially opened to the public on August 29, having previously only been accessible to hotel guests and media previews. Since this is a hotel restaurant, Bruno offers a daily breakfast and dinner service in his beautiful, modern dining room which features Instagram friendly spots and fun touches, like pitchers. orange pewter water and hand-carved wooden plinths to hold visually exciting dishes. A fun cocktail program and BC / European wine list accompany the food, with promises of future offerings that would be unique to the restaurant (I’m sorry, I swore to keep a secret).

With a hotel setting, Bruno has a captive audience, but as condo towers continue to pop up and more hotels settle in the area, an established restaurant for special occasions will be a welcome feature in the area. the region. Richmond’s appetite for high-end dining can also tarnish Bruno, and Vancouverites looking for a little entertainment with their meal will find plenty to savor here.

Bruno is located at the Versante Hotel – 8499 Bridgeport Road in Richmond. Make reservations in line.

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