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Where to dine on International Women’s Day in Bangkok

Celebrate International Women’s Day 2022 at these fine dining restaurants led by the brightest female chefs.

The Thai culinary scene is seeing a growing number of accomplished female chefs who have made their way into a male-dominated field. Here are our top five restaurant picks in Bangkok run by strong and inspiring women. Reserve a table at any of these locations this International Women’s Day 2022.

baan tepa

The first winner of Top Chef Thailand, chef Chudaree ‘Tam’ Debhakam is one of the few (but growing) number of chefs in Thailand to take the concept of seasonal farm-to-table meals seriously. After working a few years at Blue Hill at Stone Barns in New York, Chef Tam opened Baan Tepa, a culinary space that grows and sources its own ingredients. Driven by the concept of authenticity in food, the restaurant sources seasonal ingredients from all over Thailand while being mindful of the food waste it produces.

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Born into a Chinese family in Thailand, chef Pichaya ‘Pam’ Uthharntharm has transformed her family’s former shop in Yaowarat into a progressive Thai-Chinese restaurant. Chef Pam’s tasting menus revolve around the concept of memories and are cooked according to the philosophy of the “5 elements”: salt, acid, spices, texture and Maillard reaction. Inside the beautiful Sino-Portuguese building in Potong, guests are invited to make new memories with the chef’s culinary creations.

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Paste is led by husband and wife chefs Bee Satongun and Jason Bailey. In order to serve the most authentic ancestral recipes, Chef Bee has traveled all over Thailand to seek out the rarest ingredients to use in ancestral recipes. The restaurant’s fusion of traditional and modern techniques has earned Paste a spot in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2021 as well as a Michelin star for 5 consecutive years.

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Located in a renovated traditional Thai house, Gaa serves modern Indian specialties made with local ingredients found here in Thailand. Chef Garima Arora has combined her experience working in several restaurants, including Gaggan, to offer seasonal course menus that change every 3 months. Among Gaa’s many accomplishments, it is worth noting that Chef Garima Arora became India’s first female chef to earn a Michelin star at the shy age of 32, which has since encouraged her to continue her mission to reform the story of Indian cuisine. .

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After years of working with several award-winning chefs, chef Sujira ‘Aom’ Pongmorn finally opened her own restaurant and earned herself a Michelin star in Saawaan. Working with pastry chef Arisara ‘Paper’ Chongphanitkul, the chef duo create seasonal menus that aim to form their own Thai culinary heritage. Dishes are prepared using common Thai cooking techniques; some are served raw, fermented, sautéed, grilled and boiled to name a few.

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