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Where to stay when Phuket reopens to vaccinated tourists in July

30 white sand beaches surrounded by clear turquoise water with rich underwater life. Sail the Andaman Sea to a multitude of neighboring islands. Intricate temples with serene Buddha statues. Multicolored and elaborate Chinese and Portuguese colonial architecture that lines the streets of Old Phuket Town. Night markets, a diverse mix of Thai, Chinese and Malaysian cuisine and a very active social scene. These are the reasons for the undying popularity of the Thai island of Phuket, at least before the pandemic struck.

Like other countries trying to resuscitate their tourism industries while overcoming the pandemic, Thailand has experienced several crises and departures over the past year. One of the hardest hit areas has been Phuket, with tourism falling off a cliff leading to closed hotels and restaurants. But like other countries like Italy and Greece focusing on safety measures on their tourism-dependent islands, Thailand instituted a mass vaccination and screening program in Phuket, leading to a reopening before it opened. other regions. From July 1st, the island opens to foreign travelers fully vaccinated with a negative COVID-19 test; unlike other parts of the country, no quarantine is required. What’s Needed: Fly straight to Phuket and stay on the island for seven days before venturing to other areas if there’s really a reason to leave.

For maximum privacy, travelers can rent the 10-acre island from Koh Rang Noi, Phuket’s only private island located about four miles east of the main island and reachable in ten minutes by boat from the Royal Phuket Marina. There are three villas: a four bedroom Vista Villa; an eight bedroom beachfront villa just above the waves with expansive Thai murals and teak carvings, a large game room and swimming pool and the Seven Suite Royal Villa, the home of the owners who are ready to move if clients want to rent it (all villas are also available for rent individually) or on the island exclusively.

In addition to an expansive patio and living room, including a patio positioned to admire the sunsets, the Villa Royale has a large 4898 square foot room that can be used as a dining room for 20 people, a 108 foot swimming pool. long with a hot tub that can also accommodate 20 people with a smaller one for more private baths. Entertainment options include a 43-seat movie theater with thousands of films and a 300-seat amphitheater in case guests wish to import artists for the evening – guests are welcome to submit a wishlist and staff will arrange booking (or at least will try.)

Also on the island: the Sabai Wellness Spa with seven treatment rooms, a complete fitness center and for those who want to learn about a local sport, a small Muay Thai boxing space. For guests wishing to explore the area, private yachts are also available for charter; smaller boats such as Hobie Cats, jet skis, and kayaks are also provided. This way, clients can get out on the water without leaving the island.

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