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Where was the baker’s son turned? Cast details

“The Baker’s Son” is a Hallmark romantic comedy that, interestingly, revolves around delicious bread. When the city baker falls in love with a visiting dancer, his baked goods become tasty, to the delight of city dwellers. However, the departure of his muse leaves his bread tasting bland, as before. The inhabitants of the small town then mobilize to find their baker a new partner to inspire him.

The film’s simple and heartwarming aesthetic is largely driven by the small-town feeling of its setting and characters. The romantic aspect of the film is also brought out through charming visuals of the seaside town where the film is based. Are you curious about where “The Baker’s Son” was filmed? We have what you need.

Baker’s Son Filming Locations

“The Baker’s Son” is set in a fictional seaside town in Washington State. In fact, the film was shot almost entirely on location in a picturesque British Columbia town. External and internal scenes were shot on location for the romantic comedy Hallmark, with a few scenes also filmed in other nearby towns. Production on the film continued until March and ended on April 1, 2021. Let’s take a look at the specific filming locations that gave this film its charming small town feel.

Vancouver Island, British Columbia

The seaside town of Chemainus on the south east coast of Vancouver Island was widely used for filming. The city is used as a stand-in to represent the fictional town of Windward, Washington, where the film is set. A section of downtown Chemainus, particularly the area around Willow Street between Victoria Street and Mill Street, was used for outdoor filming. Signs mentioning Windward have also been installed in stores around Willow Street, including one for a Windward Realty office.

The Willow Street Cafe, located at 9749 Willow Street, has been completely taken over by the production crew and appropriately modified to match the aesthetic of the film. Scenes featuring the exterior of the cafe as well as its interior were filmed over several days, during which it was closed to the public. The cafe was named “McBride’s” for the film. The film crew was also spotted alerting companies to the filming around Waterwheel Crescent and the nearby Chemainus Theater on 9737 Chemainus Road.

Filming also took place briefly in the picturesque waterfront community of Cowichan Bay on Vancouver Island. The town wharf, as well as the True Grain Bakery, located at 1737 Cowichan Bay Road, were used for the filming.

The final days of production took place in and around Victoria, the capital of British Columbia. The team also left town to film in the village of Brentwood Bay, which is less than an hour’s drive away.

The Cast of the Baker’s Son

The cast of “The Baker’s Son” is directed by Brant Daugherty, who plays loving baker Matt, and Eloise Mumford who plays Annie, the owner of a local café. The supporting cast includes Maude Green as Nicole, Haig Sutherland as Walter, Elysia Rotaru as Mary, Brenda M. Crichlow as Kathryn, Serge Houde as Jean Pierre and Oliver Rice as Philip.

Other cast members include Doron Bell, Nathaniel Arcand, Eric Keenleyside, Mark Brandon, Laine MacNeil, Kate Boutilier, Nicole Major, Tess van Straaten, Diane Verhiel, Chris Wood and Seabastian Mars Fairley as lead dancer.

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