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White Ring arrives in November to show off Orlando’s paradise

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  • Photo courtesy of White Ring / Facebook

It’s right after Halloween, but early November is still a great time for Witch House pioneer White Ring to materialize at Will’s Pub.

The newly relocated eldritch duo to South Florida will venture out for a live “ritual” on Friday, November 5, aided and encouraged by local EBM marauder Mother Juno and DJ Maus of Tampa.

White Ring was one of the innovators of “White House” sound in the early 2000s, mesmerizing listeners with a disorienting mix of slowwwwwwwed down hip-hop rhythms and icy vocals. The band released their last full album, Show me heaven, earlier this year. It’s a definite step forward with both heavier and more direct industrial textures and ethereal nods to Lycia.

Tickets are available now through Endoxa Booking.

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