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Who remembers the Old Melrose restaurant in Rochester, NH?

I didn’t grow up in Lilac City, but I love being a member of the group on Facebook called “You KNOW you’re from Rochester, NH if you…” called it home. Their passion and vivid memories bring these places to life, even though I have never had the chance to visit some of them. For some, this photo of the Old Melrose restaurant at the corner of Salmon Falls Road and Route 16 is very nostalgic: in the 60s and 70s, this place was an institution!

Irene M. Collins via Facebook

The photo elicited a lot of love and made people take a walk down memory lane. Reading the reviews I learned that the Old Melrose Restaurant (aka Melrose Grill for some) was right across from a drive-in movie theater and right next to the Lamberts Salvage Yard. It was a hot spot for Friday night dinners with the family, after work beers with the boys, or Sunday morning breakfasts after a long night of partying.

The good Old Melrose restaurant employed many Rochester residents. People mentioned in the comments that their mom, dad, sister or grandfather worked there at one point and they went out to eat to visit! Here are some other funny memories people shared:

Invoice patch: Got out of there several times

Sherry Taylor Sargent: Where I met my husband !!

BJ Caron: I went there with our parents. Fries and sauce!

I hear now that this is an antique store for many, it will always be the Old Melrose restaurant. Thanks for sharing the memories, friends!

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