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Why these two Darwen takeaways got no food hygiene rating

Last month, we released the latest round of food hygiene inspections and revealed that six establishments in Blackburn with Darwen had not been awarded any stars by the Food Standards Agency.

After submitting an access to information request to the board, we were successful in obtaining the inspection reports for all six sites and can now reveal exactly why these establishments received such low ratings.

Today we are going to take care of two more of these companies; the first being the Cantonese Box at Duckworth Street, Darwen, and the second Freddy’s Chicken and Pizza, also at Duckworth Street, Darwen.

Cantonese box:

The Cantonese Box is a Chinese takeout in Darwen and was inspected on July 24.

He received an overall food hygiene score of zero after scoring a total of 60 out of 80 possible (where zero is the best and 80 the worst).

Inspectors gave the establishment 20 out of 25 for food handling hygiene; 20 out of 25 for the inventory; and 20 out of 30 for how they managed and recorded food safety systems.

In the inspection report, a summary of the key issues discussed read, “The Chinese chef said the kitchen was very dirty and they had to clean it.

“Thorough cleaning of walls, floors, ceilings, appliances, food containers and rice cookers was required.

“A staff member decided to stop taking Just Eat orders at 5:45 pm on the day of the inspection to clean up.

“Amazed there was no mouse droppings.”

The inspection report also noted that the rear store ceiling had collapsed, Safer Food Better Business records were incomplete, and both raw and cooked foods were stored in the same refrigerator.

Thorough cleaning was necessary as the contact points of the hands were “spoiled with oil and grease”, and there was heavy soiling and food waste under the stoves.

The report stated: “None of the scheduled cleanings were done and the premises were dirty – unclean at the time of the visit.”

Inspectors ordered an immediate clean-up and returned to the scene the next day, when they noted that they were satisfied with the work performed, although more work was needed to raise standards.

A new inspection is scheduled for January.

Lancashire Telegraph: Pizza and Takeaway from Freddy, Darwen

Freddy’s Chicken and Pizza:

Freddy’s Chicken and Pizza is a takeout, also in Darwen, and scored an overall rating of 55 out of 80 during the Food Standards Agency inspectors’ visit on July 10.

Inspectors gave the establishment 20 out of 25 for food handling hygiene; 15 out of 25 for the inventory and 20 out of 30 for the way they handled food safety issues.

The inspection report noted that no records had been produced before January 2021 and takeout managers were advised that if there was no compliance, formal action, that is, – say lawsuits, would be brought against them.

The report said: “The equipment / machines are very dirty – you took the tray out of the grill and the kebab machine and there were heavy deposits of grease, oil and food waste.

“There was food waste at the junctions of the walls and the floor and the toilets open directly into the dining room.

“Old mouse droppings were found behind the freezer and behind the beverage refrigerator, and the chef was wearing soiled sports clothes.”

Take-out food has been ordered to call pest control and has also been ordered to update their training records.

A new inspection has been ordered for January 2022.

A spokesperson for Freddy’s said they were revisited on Thursday and are awaiting a new score after doing all necessary cleanings.

Cantonese Box has been contacted for comment.