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Wun’s Tea Room & Bar Restaurant in London’s Soho district

What:A Hong Kong-style ‘tea room and bar’ specializing in authentic Cantonese cuisine that also serves an eclectic selection of Chinese-style cocktails.

Who: Alex Peffly and Z He opened Wun’s on what was once their Bun House brand’s flagship site on Soho’s Greek Street (it moved to a larger location on Lisle Street in Chinatown earlier this year).

The food:The menu is mostly inspired by food from her childhood and includes many Cantonese dishes she grew up with, including her grandfather’s braised duck with sour plums made from a secret family recipe. Wun’s serves separate menus for lunch and dinner, with many dishes designed to be shared and prices mostly set between £ 10 and £ 20. At the center of both menus is a selection of clay pot rice dishes with toppings such as braised eggplant with soy; slow cooked pumpkin seeds and flower mushroom; and shallots fried in lardo. Main lunch dishes include pumpkin congee with yolk and dried mince; beef satay noodles topped with a fried egg; and seared dumplings, while the dinner menu features Iberian char siu with sugar skin; wok-fried marrow and scallops with dried black beans; and Brussels sprouts with fuyu sauce. A brunch menu is also available on weekends, and includes Hong Kong French toast with peanut butter and cheese; cumin hash browns with egg and minced; and rice in an Iberian char siu clay pot served with a fried egg.

The drinks:According to Peffly and He, much of the impetus around converting Bun House into Wun was the opportunity to develop the concept of the tearoom they had set up in the restaurant’s ground floor then. that it was still under the name Bun House. This included experimenting with a range of bespoke cocktail ideas, which were distilled into a menu featuring over 30 cocktail options, including a range of pristine tea-based cocktails. In addition to a selection of classics like martini, Bloody Mary and gimlet, the menu includes a green bamboo and quince cocktail made from Fenjiu bamboo, pue’er tea liqueur, fresh quince and mango. ; chrysanthemum and haw with Tou Mei chrysanthemum wine, haw liqueur, sour plum and dehydrated haw; and plum and “Coke” with sour plum infused baiju, licorice, sour plum tea and five spice syrup.

The atmosphere: Wun’s aesthetic is inspired by 1960s Hong Kong, with the upstairs restaurant designed by He to mirror the city’s outdoor cafes. While Bun House originally had very little seating, the restaurant now has space for around 30 place settings with a table also available outside. The downstairs bar has been decorated with neon lights and velor seats and a night license until 3 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

Basil _ & _ Grape_ Cocktail[1]

And something else:The decision not to dub Bun House’s concept may suggest the brand is no longer thriving as it once was, but Peffly and He say so. BigHospitality This is in fact the limited production capacity they had at the Greek Street site; the new Bun House in Chinatown has a much larger kitchen area. The couple have announced plans to open more Bun House satellite locations in food halls and markets in the near future.

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