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Yes, the Copper Rocket Pub in Maitland has indeed been sold | Food News | Orlando

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The Copper Rocket Pub, a local watering hole that has never won an Orlando Weekly* “Best of” award, was recently purchased by a co-owner of Foxtail Coffee Co.

There’s no word at this point if the “Copper Rocket” name will stick, but apparently the bar’s interior (and menu) will be “refreshed.”

We first caught wind of this information last week, when an employee of the buying company told us that the case was ongoing and that the bar would be applying for a liquor license and serving craft cocktails. .

We ran a story on Friday, August 4, at which the principal of the deal, mmm, let’s just say, vehemently protested. In a series of rather loud phone calls, text messages and emails to at least four Orlando Weekly employees, he insisted that the deal had not been signed, that a liquor license was not on the horizon, and that our source was not an employee. We deleted the message until we could confirm the facts with him rather than the employee/non-employee, which the negotiator said he would send us “first thing Monday morning”.

Reader, you’ll never guess what happened next: no email! (Oh, guess what? Yeah, it was pretty obvious where it was going.)

On Monday evening, we witnessed the scene below:

Click to enlarge On Monday, workers were seen loading building materials into the Crocket.  - PHOTO BY COLIN WOLF

Photo by Colin Wolf

On Monday, workers were seen loading building materials into the Crocket.

We are arrested. We took a picture. We asked the guy from Shish.Co what was going on.

“Foxtail bought them and they’re gutting it,” he said.

Did Foxtail buy the Crocket? Do they empty inside? Will there be alcohol? Who the hell knows. What we do know is that restaurateurs are worse than politicians when it comes to trying to control the flow of facts. **

We tried again several times on Tuesday to pin down the basic facts from the owner, who kept promising to send us “points”. Wednesday morning: always bukes.

Ironically, the bar has just undergone a complete overhaul. In May the pub was featured on an episode of Spike TV rescue bar. This episode has yet to air, but is set to debut in September, according to the show’s producers.


Copper Rocket was purchased from longtime owners George and Cathy Brickelmaier in 2015 by Selman Markovic.

This is a developing story and we will update it when more information becomes available. (Hahahahaha!)

* Except for the Writer’s Pick we gave them last year.

** Jessica wrote the most feisty parts of this post, partly because this situation sucked up energy she didn’t have on a really bad week, and partly because it reminded her of that little silly situation from last year. If you have a problem with this, contact her; don’t blame Colin.